Top-of-the-Line HVAC Systems for Your Home

Without question, your house is one of your most important (if not the most important) assets you possess. Make the most out of it by turning to GTS HVAC Inc., servicing the entire St. Paul and Minneapolis Metro Area for all of your heating, ventilation, and cooling needs. With an efficient HVAC system, you get to ensure your family’s comfort all day and all night.

Our goal is to significantly improve your home experience by designing, installing, or servicing an HVAC system. We take pride in the fantastic quality of our systems, and here are some of the reasons why you should turn to us for all of your residential HVAC needs:

  • We are known for our speedy turnaround time and ability to resolve problems quickly.
  • We establish personalized relationships with our customers and possess the flexibility to take care of all their needs.
  • We install HVAC systems in a smooth and efficient manner.
  • We consider every customer as integral to our success and are willing to prioritize them when necessary.
  • We have a team of licensed, experienced, and dedicated HVAC installers.
  • We only partner with respected suppliers and subcontractors.

Rheem Manufacturing Company: Our Trusted HVAC Supplier

GTS HVAC Inc. partnered with Rheem because they are one of the most dependable HVAC system manufacturers in the world. Their products include air conditioners and handlers, heat pumps, gas furnaces, as well as various commercial systems.

Why Choose a Pro Partner?

You can trust Pro Partners to provide a truly top-of-industry customer experience. Pro Partners receive elite program benefits that pass directly to you.

Evaluation: Pro Partners must continually deliver exceptional customer service and meet the highest program standards, so Rheem evaluates our pros each year.
Accountability: Dependable, safe, and satisfactory installation and service of high-performing Rheem products is so important to your experience that Rheem holds Pro Partners accountable to everything they do.
Authentication: Providing trusted, customer-recommended service is one of the hallmarks of the Pro Partner program, so Rheem authenticates online ratings and reviews.
Expertise: Every year, Pro Partners complete advanced technical and professional training, so they become experts in providing you with the best service and advice on all Rheem technologies and solutions.
Value: With exclusive Pro Partner financing options and promotional offers, Pro Partners can offer you a better value on Rheem equipment and installations—making it easier to afford the solution that’s best for you.