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No matter what industry your business operates in, we at GTS HVAC Inc. in the entire Metro area, MN understand that having long-lasting heating, cooling, and ventilation systems is of the utmost importance. Over the years, we have served many customers in the commercial sector, such as facilities managers, building owners, as well as contractors in both the public and private sectors.

GTS HVAC Inc. takes pride in the overall body of work we have accomplished as well as the customers we have completed projects for. Some of our milestone projects include:

  • ISD #196 District Office
  • Delta Industrial Services Inc.
  • 28th Avenue Park and Ride
  • The Office Depot
  • St. Anthony Fire Department
  • City Cat Clinic and Condos
  • Hudson Fire Department
  • And more

We look forward to earning your trust and confidence, and we hope you provide us with the opportunity to showcase our capabilities in the field of HVAC. Get in touch with us today if you need us to design, install, or service an HVAC system.


  • DBE
  • WBE
  • CERT
  • Local #10

Areas of Expertise: 

  • MagneGrip Vehicle Exhaust

Brixx Pro 2019

Pelican Wireless Systems: Install for Commercial Climate Control

For an intuitive and powerful building climate management tool, the Pelican solution is your best option. Its dynamic simplicity allows for immediate control over your building’s environment, while remaining a cost-effective and affordable option. Major corporations all across America trust Pelican Wireless Systems, and so should you.

MagneGrip Exhaust System Install - April 2020

MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems

Systems are fully automatic and won’t slow down boarding time. When the engine starts, auto-sensor activates the exhaust fan. The fan runs for three minutes and automatically shuts off. (Manual override is used when the engine needs to run longer, such as during engine tests.) Nozzle stays connected as the apparatus exits the bay, then automatically releases at the door. The balancer cable gently retracts the hose/nozzle assembly away from the door.